Social Responsibility

At Green Pharmacy, we always believe in preservation of nature. We use our manufacturing waste material for vermicomposting, our harvested rain water for medicinal plantation and solar water system again for manufacturing. It’s like a whole cycle of us.

But Ayurveda means not just herbs but also about minerals and animals. Most of the Indians are not yet knowledgeable about how the Indian breed of cow is precious to us. Saving Indian cow breeds is not just the work of the Government or the Legislatures.

The cow is an important animal in the ecological cycle not only because of its religious significance in the Indian context, but because of the various benefits it contributes to the thriving dairy industry in India.

To preserve our Indian cow breed Green Pharmacy in collaboration with Vrindavan Tharparkar desi Cow club promoting and implementing the usage of IVF technology to multiply genetically superior indigenous cows at a much faster pace, in line with the Government of India’s Rashtriya Gokul Mission. This will help to Maintain purity of individual breeds by setting up clubs for specific breeds so as to avoid cross breeding and thus help in maintaining the quality of the breed.

The process involved a highly advanced technique which requires high precision and accuracy and is similar to ‘test tube baby’ in humans.